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Can you escape the sinking Titanic? Find out in this exhilarating adventure puzzle book as you make your way up the decks, solving problems and meeting a cast of characters on your journey to survival! As the book begins you are a young traveller hiding on the lowest deck of the Titanic. You stowed away on the ship out of a desire for adventure, and a fascination with its construction, its awe and glamour. As soon as you become aware that it's sinking you must make your way up through the decks of the ship, dodging danger and avoiding capture, and solving puzzles as you go, from visual quandaries to codes to crack, at one point even finding all the details in a passenger's cabin that would allow you to temporarily impersonate them. Each deck constitutes a separate chapter, with many individual puzzles connecting to a single final puzzle you must solve to move up to the next deck. As you journey through the Titanic you will encounter other passengers and members of the crew, some helpful, some hostile, and many simply trying to make their own escape, and you may find puzzles to solve within your interactions with them. Will you be able to save any other passengers as you make your escape? The vivid illustrations and visually striking puzzles evoke the luxuriant setting and stylish art and design of the time, and helps bring the exciting narrative to life. Visual puzzles might involve manipulation of mechanical aspects of the ship or decoding something found in documents, while the textual puzzles can move from logical deduction to riddles and mathematical quandaries. Puzzles build on each other as your adventure nears its dramatic finale, and surprising clues appear as you attempt to find your way onto a lifeboat, but will you make it off the sinking ship? Or perhaps you may even choose to make the ultimate sacrifice, so that another may live in your place. This thrilling and tense adventure puzzle book will keep you on the edge of your seat as you battle to escape with your life!

Escape The Titanic by JOEL JESSUP

SKU: 9780711286443
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