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You're trapped alone in an empty theme park after hours... can you conquer each ride and escape? Test your wits on a brand new set of curious conundrums in this latest instalment in the Escape Room series. Set in a mysterious theme park, you'll have to puzzle your way through a series of ride-themed challenges to escape. Find your way through six fiendish theme park attractions, including the Clown Chaos roller coaster, the haunted house, Pirates' Cove water rapids and the mind-bending hall of mirrors. This pack lets you create your very own escape room experience at home. Create objects from the die-cut card sheets you'll find in the wallet, then use them to solve a series of levels inside the book. Your job is work out which items are needed to solve which puzzle and gather information from multiple sources, as you crack secret codes and tackle tricky problems to escape the theme park. It provides hours of entertainment for escape room fans to enjoy individually or in teams. Contents: The book contains the story and the puzzles, and the envelope in the back contains all the material needed to solve the puzzles: press-out pieces and hint cards. As readers solve the puzzles they make their way through six levels of a spooky theme park.

Escape Room - Can You Escape the Theme Park? by Dr Gareth Moore

SKU: 9781783128952
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