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Expand beyond the perceived limitations of the human experience with guidance from The Council, a collective of ascended masters channeled by metaphysical teacher Sara Landon, in conversation with Mike Dooley. In this powerful narrative, Mike Dooley engages in conversation with Sara Landon as she channels The Council. He explores the staggering wisdom of The Council to understand the very reason for life as we know it (The Dream), how to wisely navigate everything we experience between life and death (The Journey), how all of this fits within the context of reality (Eternity), and our intimate relationship to the Source of our lives and all things (God). The Council answers complex, big-picture questions like 'To what degree can we transcend life's illusions without destroying the fabric of our adventure?' and 'Are there other planetary beings physically among us?' with astonishing clarity. In The Council's words: 'A new path forward is emerging and expanded possibilities for humankind are becoming the new way of living, loving, leading, and thriving in your awakening world. It is time for the leaders and way-showers of this Great Awakening to fully step into their power and guide the way forward. We bring forth the wisdom to support you in living your highest potential during this spectacular time!'

Dream, the Journey, Eternity, and God by Sara Landon

SKU: 9781788178464
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