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Master the art of pretty-and delicious-pasta! Tired of eating the same old pasta from a box? Danny Freeman, the pasta maker of TikTok, has the solution for you. Danny Loves Pasta will teach you how to make colorful and creative fresh pasta, unlike anything you can find at the store. Potted succulent ravioli, rose tortellini, pumpkin-shaped gnocchi, pasta pinwheels-all these and more are possible for even the most novice of pasta makers. With no special equipment needed, you will learn how to take simple ingredients like flour, eggs, beets, and spinach, and turn them into vibrant works of delicious pasta art in every color of the rainbow. This book will feature: - 5 dough recipes (vegan and gluten-free options included) - 13 ways to add color - 7 foundations for pattern making - 6 traditional pasta shapes - 9 new pasta shapes - 14 fillings and sauces You'll then learn how to use vegetables, herbs, and spices to naturally add color to your dough so you can make everything from rainbow ravioli to striped spaghetti. Using simple techniques, you'll be able to create eye-catching pasta designs like tie-dye, polka dots, and plaid, and pair them with traditional Italian pasta shapes like farfalle, tortellini, and linguini. You'll then take pasta to new heights by creating shapes and designs you've never seen before: pasta plants, flowers, animals, and more. These edible sculptures are as tasty as they are beautiful (not to mention, great for entertaining and family dinners), yet they're surprisingly simple to create by combining traditional pasta-making techniques with lessons learned from origami, jewelry-making, cake decorating, and other crafts. And don't forget the sauce! You'll then learn how to pair your creations with the perfect sauce, with modern spins on classic Italian recipes that can become weeknight staples.

Danny Loves Pasta by Author Danny Freeman

SKU: 9780744078336
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