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'Blisteringly funny, joyous and smart, with such a big, beautiful heart.' Simon James Green, author of Gay Club! 'William Hussey is a powerhouse of LGBT+ fiction and Broken Hearts is a triumph.' Calum McSwiggan, author of Straight Expectations A Big Gay Rom-Zom-Com with Heart: Sex Education meets Love, Simon - with fake zombies - in this savagely funny gay YA romance about body image, self-acceptance and falling in love. Jesse Spark has a broken heart and in a few short weeks he'll require major surgery to repair it - which means he only has a month to accomplish two almost-impossible tasks. 1) Shoot his epic zombie movie on a shoestring budget if he has any hope of getting into film school. 2) Fall in love before this surgery lands him with a huge scar - because how will anyone ever fancy him after that?

Broken Hearts & Zombie Parts by William Hussey

SKU: 9781803700038
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