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Think of Rome and you quickly picture so many treasures from the ancient world: the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, the Forum. At its height in the 2nd century CE, the Roman Empire, reaching out from its heart in the city of Rome itself, was the most extensive political and social structure in western civilization. Still today, almost 2000 years later, we marvel at how sophisticated and grand Roman society was - and how much of ancient Rome has survived for us to see in the modern Italian metropolis. From public baths to catacombs, from the Appian Way to small frescoes and sculptures, from temples to private houses to aqueducts, Visual Explorer Guide: Ancient Rome shows the reader both the world famous and lesser known sites in the city. What emerges is both a picture of the grandeur of Antiquity, but also the last days of pagan worships, as by Rome's final days temples were being converted into churches. Small enough to pack in your pocket, Ancient Rome is a fascinating exploration that gives the reader more than a glimpse of the grandeur of ancient Roman life.

Ancient Rome by Claudia Martin

SKU: 9781838863005
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