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I love this book! Age really is just a number.' - Charlotte Tilbury 'Gabriela is a game-changer, I cannot recommend her highly enough.' - Billie Piper 'Backed by science and infused with years of experience, Gabriela's method in this book will change your life.' - Rosie Nixon, Hello! With SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING author Gabriela Peacock, looking and feeling younger has never been so easy. Gabriela reveals the game-changing science that will help you radically influence the ageing process and transform your future. Designed to be compatible with real life, 2 Weeks to a Younger You contains realistic intermittent fasting plans - scientifically proven to be the most effective method of safely reaching a healthy weight - and plenty of practical tips. As well as weight-loss, Gabriela's advice will allow you to improve sleep, increase energy and sharpen mental clarity. With 50 delicious, healthy recipes, these easy-to-follow plans are guaranteed to deliver results.

2 Weeks to a Younger You by Gabriela Peacock

SKU: 9781914239908
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