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November's choice is SEVEN LIES by Elizabeth Kay and we are thrilled to support Clare and Sphere Publishers.  We are  offering this book to you with free postage.  This book really is a cracker! (whoops, I'm not supposed to pass an opinion, 'tis for you to decide!) 

To order, click on the cover to the left, and use the code  

Seven when you get to the checkout to claim your free postage.  

All books will be sent out signed and Elizabeth is happy to do dedications. 

If you would like a dedicated book let us know at when you place the order, or set up an account with us and you will be able to send a message via the website.  Deadline for dedicated copies is 22nd October. They will be sent out after Elizabeth has written the dedication them.


Offer ends 15/11/2020.

While you are here, do have a browse on our website, any other books you may want to order at the same time will benefit from free postage.

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