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Doing good is no longer a luxury or a 'nice to have', it's a necessity. While businesses, both big and small, have undoubtedly caused the majority of our environmental and sustainability problems, they are also the only thing that can solve these issues at scale. You Can't Make Money from a Dead Planet looks at the challenges we face and shows how business needs to change in order to be the driver of the solution. Bestselling author and sustainability strategist Mark Shayler explains why there is no contradiction between being profitable and doing the right thing for the planet and doing the right thing for your customers. Providing the insights, the enthusiasm and the tools to align your business with sustainability, it blends explanations of the challenges that we face, with stories from those business that have excelled in sustainability including Ford, McDonalds, Google, Bacardi and PROPERcorn. Exploring current sustainability approaches and trends including net-zero, circular economy, ESG, B-Corps, zero waste and environmental management systems, You Can't Make Money From a Dead Planet explains, debunks and helps you navigate the sustainable agenda while growing your business.

You Can't Make Money From a Dead Planet by Mark Shayler

SKU: 9781398612020
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