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Adrian Bethune is an inspiration and this book should be required reading for everyone involved in teaching young children.' - Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness, @actionhappiness This award-winning guide for teaching wellbeing and positive mental health in primary schools is packed with practical ideas for every classroom. This timely updated edition recognises the need for more guidance in schools following pupils' rising levels of stress, anxiety and depression due to the pandemic. Evidence has shown that happy people (those who experience more positive emotions) perform better in school, enjoy healthier relationships, are generally more successful and even live longer! Many schools and teachers are looking for accessible ways to address these mental health problems in young people, and this revised edition is the essential tool needed to support healthy emotional development in the primary classroom. The book includes new chapters on: - the importance of nature for health, behaviour and concentration, - digital wellbeing and helping children to navigate life online in a healthy way, - and includes updated statistics and research on mental health and wellbeing of children and teachers. In this must-read book, experienced teacher and advisor on children's wellbeing, Adrian Bethune, takes the latest evidence and research from the science of happiness and positive psychology and brings them to life. Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom is packed full of tried-and-tested activities and techniques, including mindfulness, positive reflection, physical activity and acts of kindness.

Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom by Adrian Bethune

SKU: 9781801992121
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