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A revolutionary perspective on the climate catastrophe bridging history, philosophy, science, and religion. You've heard the hard-hitting data and you've seen the documentaries. But what will it truly take for humanity to change? We will not tackle the climate catastrophe with data alone - we need new stories and new ways of seeing and thinking. By drawing on traditional eco-philosophies and Buddhist wisdom, Erik Jampa Andersson offers an approach to our environmental emergency that will make us rethink the very nature of our existence on this incredible planet. Looking at the climate catastrophe through the framework of disease, Unseen Beings examines our ecological diagnosis, its historical causes and conditions and, crucially, its much-needed treatment, as well as exploring: * how and why we constructed a human-centric worldview * amazing recent discoveries around non-human intelligence * how religious traditions have dealt with questions of nature, sentience and ecology * critical connections between human health and environmental health This book is a call to action. Climate anxiety has left many of us feeling confused and powerless, but there is another way. If we can recover our natural sense of enchantment and kinship with non-human beings, we may still find a path to build a better future.

Unseen Beings by Erik Jampa Andersson

SKU: 9781788178099
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