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The latest installation in the beloved Isabel Dalhousie series 'Cosy and effortlessly charming' Herald 'Delightful' Sunday Telegraph 'Humorous and thought-provoking' Undiscovered Scotland Isabel Dalhousie joins the advisory committee of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, but soon finds herself swept up in a delicate dispute between members of a prominent family. David's support for Scottish nationalism puts him at odds with his sister Catriona and her socialist views, threatening family harmony. Always one for courteous resolutions to philosophical disagreements, Isabel can't help but intercede when she is asked to by their mother, Laura, a fellow committee member. Meanwhile, Jamie, having criticised Isabel for getting involved in the affairs of others, does precisely that himself when he suspects the conductor of his ensemble may have selected a new cellist based on something other than musical skills. With so many factors complicating matters, Isabel and Jamie will have to muster all their tact and charm to ensure that harmony is reached between all these fractious parties.

The Sweet Remnants of Summer by Alexander McCall Smith

SKU: 9780349145204
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