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Enjoy all the flavour of fried favourites with less fat! All recipes written for UK air fryers, using metric measurements Get ready to discover the best tool for weight loss in your kitchen: your air fryer. The Slimming Air Fryer Cookbook brings you more than 75 amazing recipes that make it quick and easy to get big flavour without added fats. Carefully adapted for UK air fryers, Ella Sanders' delicious, inexpensive, healthy dishes include: Super tasty breakfasts from cherry-oatmeal bars and cheesy bacon & egg cups to English muffin breakfast pizzas and small-batch granola. A wide variety of weeknight dinners and easy entertaining including greek meatballs with tzatziki sauce, miso-glazed cod, vegetarian Shepherd's pie, pistachio-crusted chicken with pomegranate glaze, crab cakes with roasted corn-pepper relish and even pizza! Delicious sides from family favourites like onion rings and perfect steak fries to herbed ricotta bites and cabbage patties with courgette. Sweet treats including cheesecake bites, caramel-pecan popcorn and almond-stuffed peaches. Including complete nutritional information for each recipe, The Slimming Air Fryer Cookbook helps you stay on track while digging in to deliciously crispy fried meals and dreamy desserts. Enjoy new recipes and a healthier you!

The Slimming Air Fryer Cookbook by Ella Sanders

SKU: 9781472148575
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