Imagine a world where dinosaurs have survived... The fifth adventure in the thrilling global adventure series sees Bea, Carter and Theodore are getting closer to the truth about the shadowy Sauria Trading Company and the Viscount's villainy... After the revelations of the saur hatchery in the Mexican jungle and the amazing discovery of the lost city of the Saurmen, Bea and Carter Kingsley vow to return to the place the adventure began: the islands of Aru - Carter's birthplace and the final resting place of the children's parents. But the answers they seek are still elusive, and their quest to understand the mysteries of the Saurmen and the powerful keystones takes them next to Japan, where the clues they uncover hint at a secret in the mountains. Meanwhile the Viscount's plans for a large-scale revolution in saur meat farming are on track but he will need to harness the phenomenal power of the Saurmen to fulfil his evil ambitions. Pulling the strings from the headquarters of his organisation in Hong Kong, the Viscount's henchmen are set on a collision course with Carter Kingsley...

Supersaurs 5: The Seventh Spinosauri by Jay Jay Burridge

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