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Meet the little dinosaur who is the GREATEST SECRET AGENT IN THE WORLD. Spyceratops has all the skills: sneaking, peeking, blending in, daredevil manoeuvres. She has all the kit: groovy gadgets, loyal sidekick, awesome spymobile. And luckily the perfect opportunity has arisen for Spyceratops to share her spy skills with YOU, the reader. GRANDAD is acting very suspiciously. Can he be trusted? BIG FAT NO. Spyceratops is on the case, determined to uncover Grandad's secret plotting and show off her extraordinary spy skills . . . Spyceratops is Mission Impossible meets Scooby Doo in a Flintstones-esq dinosaur world - come on in and join the fun!

Spyceratops by Alex Willmore

SKU: 9780008505479
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