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This collection of verbal and visual challenges will help you stay sharp and stimulated as you embark on a new chapter in life Retirement is incredibly rich with possibilities - it's just a question of how to fill all that free time. Well, now that you've earned many an hour of peaceful freedom, how about a puzzle or two to prove you're still as clever as you always were? From quick-fire trivia questions to more leisurely crosswords and sudoku, whether you're a recent retiree, approaching the big day or have been enjoying your freedom for years, there's plenty in these pages to keep you busy and set your mind purring. Inside you will find a rich variety of puzzles for all tastes, including these: Find a whole new set of hobbies within a raft of word searches Spot the differences between various comical scenarios you might find yourself in Shuffle a bunch of anagrams to locate some objects that could come in handy Tackle the pictorial problems posed by a variety of rebus puzzles

Retirement Puzzle Book by Summersdale Publishers

SKU: 9781800078390
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