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This is an intelligent thriller introducing a brilliant anti-heroine whose actions grip the reader right from the first page. Cilla is a 22-year-old contract killer, specialising in the dry job: a murder which is interpreted by the world as death by natural causes. She is an amoral anti-heroine that the reader has little choice but to root for. She breaks the 'Charlies Angels' mould: She's not pretty, she's not physically strong, she doesn't fight men with karate kicks in high heels. She is trained to outwit her opponents and run away when necessary. Her weapon of choice is poison. Death By Natural Causes is perfect for fans of Bella Mackie's HOW TO KILL YOUR FAMILY and the television shows KILLING EVE and THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT.

Murder By Natural Causes by Helen Erichsen

SKU: 9781739638276
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