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Another brilliant book that's jam-packed with top-class tips you won't want to miss.' - MC Grammar, teacher and parent 'Here is basically 'the bible' for parents (like me!) with kids in junior school - it's everything a parent needs to know and understand in the curriculum from fractions basics to calculating the volume of a cuboid and everything in between...' - Sara Davies MBE, Founder of Crafter's Companion and Dragon on BBC Dragons' Den _ When your child comes home with the dreaded maths homework and you don't know your BIDMAS from your BODMAS, then Maths Like a Ninja is the book for you. It's jam-packed full of all the key concepts children need to know, all the mathematical terminology they'll ever come across in primary school and tons of easy-to-follow visual examples on every area of maths featured in the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Whether a child is stuck on a fractions question or struggling to remember what composite numbers are, they'll find the answer in this handy all-in-one reference guide. It supports teachers in planning and delivering lessons and shows parents how help their kids at home. Written by a practising teacher and creator of the successful Vocabulary Ninja brand, this book is worth its weight in gold. It empowers children to become independent (in school and at home) by providing them with all the information they need in one place. Neat, affordable and child-friendly, Maths Like a Ninja is game changing. Perfect for Key Stage 2 children, aged 7 and up.

Maths Like a Ninja by Andrew Jennings

SKU: 9781801991964
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