New York City is under attack. Millions may die. But the enemy's weapons are invisible, undetectable and creating terror at lightning speed. A Hiroshima survivor turned criminal mastermind Pharma industry fat cats corrupted by big money A Libyan fast food entrepreneur coerced by threats to his family A New York cop falling fast for an elusive beauty Visitors to Tokyo from the desolate villages of southern Afghanistan One terrible desire connects them all - one man's burning need to avenge those who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With an audacious and devastating plot to bring America to its knees, can anyone save New York from disaster? 'The Manhattan Project has all the ingredients of an international bestseller.' - Glenn Meade 'A disturbingly plausible thriller that builds to an edge-of-your-seat climax. Altogether a compelling read!' - Robert Goddard, author of The Wide World trilogy 'With an extraordinary, original and well-researched plot, contemporary themes, action, twists and turns, The Manhattan Project has all the ingredients of an international bestseller.' - Glenn Meade, New York Times bestselling author of The Romanov Conspiracy 'With a plot as fast-paced as the writing - bioterrorism meets big pharma - and a storyline stretching from Japan through the Middle East to the USA, The Manhattan Project is a cracking debut thriller. Guaranteed to be read in an all-night sitting!' - Paul Carson, author of Inquest 'A brilliant debut, starts as a slow-burn and quickly ignites into a fast-paced biological disaster facing the citizens of New York.' - John McAllister, author of The Station Sergeant trilogy 'Explosive, addictive and ultimately very satisfying. There's a new boy in town - at last an heir to Tom Clancy.' - Doreen Finn, author of My Buried Life

Manhattan Project by Paul McNeive

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