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Join Llama, Guinea Pig and Parrot as Llama learns how to cook over 70 recipes, from a simple boiled egg to a roast chicken dinner. As well as pasta and rice dishes, plus lots of plant-based recipes, Llama learns to make salads, things on toast and curries. He finds out how to cook eggs, cheese, fish, meat and chicken and learns about core cookery techniques along the way. This first cookery course is packed with information about key ingredients, plus popular dishes from around the world. Ideal for anyone starting out in the kitchen, the step-by-step photography is simple to follow and instils confidence in beginner cooks, whether they are young or old. The hilarious cast of characters ensure that the reader has fun while learning essential life skills.

Llama Can't Cook, But You Can! by Sarah Walden

SKU: 9781915613226
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