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The perfect story to soothe anxieties in times of change, set in an exciting, vibrant minibeast world. In the wild patch of the garden, under brambles roaming free Live little bugs whose feelings are as big as big can be . . . It's nearly time for all the little caterpillars to become beautiful butterflies. But Clover is worried about changing and wants to stay a caterpillar forever. Can her butterfly friend, Basil, show Clover that big changes can be full of fun too? An uplifting rhyming story to reassure the littlest bugs that even the biggest changes are never as scary as they seem! Beautifully brought to life by Hollie Hughes, author of THE GIRL AND THE DINOSAUR and Nila Aye, illustrator of Benjamin Zephaniah's NATURE TRAIL.

Little Bugs Big Feelings: You Can Do It Clover by Hollie Hughes

SKU: 9781408367193
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