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Named a Best Book of 2022 by the New Yorker Named a Top 10 Book of the Year by Slate Named a Best Book of the Year by Vulture A New York Times Editors' Choice Shortlisted for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction 'Talent is rare, which is why I let out a big yippee reading Andrew Lipstein's Last Resort... Excellent' THE TIMES 'You won't read a more brilliantly executed literary romp this year' GUARDIAN 'A funny, fast-paced literary satire' DAILY TELEGRAPH 'Incredibly entertaining' NEW YORK TIMES, Editor's Choice 'Wicked fun... A deliciously absurd comedy' WASHINGTON POST 'If Less by Andrew Sean Greer left a hole in your life, good news: Last Resort will fill it' MEG MASON 'Caleb Horowitz is exactly the kind of character I love to hate' CLAIRE FULLER 'A rare accomplishment' RUMAAN ALAM 'Wickedly funny: I loved it' PATRICK GALE 'Superbly written, darkly funny and gripping from the first page. I absolutely loved it' EMMA STONEX Caleb Horowitz is twenty-seven, and his wildest dreams are about to come true. His manuscript has caught the attention of the literary agent, who offers him fame, fortune and a taste of the literary life. He can't wait for his book to be shopped around to every editor in New York, except one: Avi Dietsch, a college rival and the novel's 'inspiration.' When Avi gets his hands on the manuscript, he sees nothing but theft - and opportunity. And so Caleb is forced to make a Faustian bargain, one that tests his theories of success, ambition and the limits of art.

Last Resort by Andrew Lipstein

SKU: 9781474620123
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