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Powerful and moving' RACHEL EDWARDS 'Very compelling, told with real depth and passion' 5* Reader Review 'Absolutely loved it' LUCY DIAMOND Two families divided by hate A love that will not die. Sylvie and Donna travel on the same train to work each day but have never spoken. Their families are on different sides of the bitter Brexit divide, although the tensions and arguments at home give them much in common. What they don't know is that their eldest children, Rachid and Jodie, are about to meet for the first time and fall in love. Aware that neither family will approve, the teenagers vow to keep their romance a secret. But as Sylvie's family feel increasingly unwelcome in England, a desire for a better life threatens Rachid and Jodie's relationship. Can their love unite their families - or will it end in tragedy? 'A powerful and thought-provoking triumph' MIKE GAYLE 'Romeo and Juliet in post-referendum Yorkshire' SHELLEY HARRIS 'Outstanding' SUSAN LEWIS 'A love story in a world full of prejudice and bias' ANSTEY HARRIS 'Original and powerful' LOUISE BEECH 'This book broke my heart' CHARLOTTE DUCKWORTH Please note this novel contains details of racial abuse and racially motivated violence.

In Little Stars by Linda Green

SKU: 9781529412260
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