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Paul Whitehouse and fishing expert John Bailey celebrate the timeless joy of fishing. Paul Whitehouse and John Bailey have been devout fishermen for longer than they care to remember. A hobby, past time or sport - call it what you want - they have felt the pull of the water ever since they were kids and have never missed the chance to set up on the bank and try their luck. In this wonderful book, the two fishermen collaborate to celebrate the rich tapestry that is fishing - from mentors to memories; from philosophy to modern jargon; from watercraft to becoming self-styled 'Fishing Detectives'. Punctuated by brilliant stories, beautiful illustrations by Carys Reilly-Whitehouse, and recollections from fishing day trips past, How We Fish is the perfect tome for the veteran fisherman or the budding angler - warm, funny and rich in the wonders of the riverbank.

How We Fish by Paul Whitehouse

SKU: 9780008559632
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