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'Amy's beautiful recipes are an ode to the pleasures of cooking with honey and the importance of it in our lives.' - Thomasina Miers 'Something truly magical happens when beekeeping, gardening and cooking meet, and in that intersection stands Amy with this wonderful book.' - Itamar Srulovich, Honey & Co. 'A beautiful, thoughtful exploration of keeping bees and cooking with honey - with such enticing recipes.' - Mark Diacono A sticky celebration of honey from bloom to plate, with 80 inspiring recipes straight from a beekeeper's kitchen. Amy Newsome is a cook, gardener and beekeeper - and this is her homage to honey and its deliciously distinct varietals from around the globe. Marvel at the floral intricacies of honey's terroir and all its wonderful flavours, before getting stuck in with 80 sweet and savoury recipes that celebrate the magic of cooking with honey; from honey ferments, fancy fritto misto and Honeyed Chipotle Lamb Tacos, to Saffron & Apricot Honey Buns, Eucalyptus Honey Granita and a Bergamot Bee's Knees to wash everything down. Covering the beekeeper's year and how honey is made, you will journey through the changing seasons, take a peak inside the hive and discover just how to create the perfect bee-friendly garden. This cookbook is an incredibly thoughtful collection of recipes and stories that offers an inspiring glimpse into the craft of beekeeping and the remarkable world of the honeybee, confirming why and how we should be treating honey with the respect it deserves.

Honey by Amy Newsome

SKU: 9781787139435
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