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What if the rules of modern management were written during the Third Reich? SS Commander Reinhard Hoehn was one of Nazi Germany's most brilliant legal minds, an archetype of the fervid technocrats that built the Third Reich. Gone into hiding after 1945, he survived unscathed and re-emerged in the 1950s as the founder of a management school. His story wouldn't be too different from that of other prominent Nazis, if not for the fact that the great majority of Germany's post-war business leaders were educated at his school. Is this a coincidence? Or is there a link between the forms of organization of Nazism and the principles of corporate management? At the core of Hoehn's vision was the concept of freedom, as freedom to obey orders from above-to carry out one's mission no matter the cost.

Free to Obey by Johann Chapoutot

SKU: 9781787704459
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