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From Marcus Collins, strategist to Apple, Nike and Beyonce, discover the powerful force behind what we buy, what we do, and who we want to be . . . 'Compelling and vivid' - Robert Cialdini, author of Pre-Suasian We all try to influence others in our daily lives. We are all marketers, whether you are a manager motivating your team, an employee making a big presentation, an activist staging a protest or a company executive selling the next big thing. In For the Culture, Marcus Collins argues that the most powerful vehicle for influencing behaviour is true cultural engagement. To inspire communities, we first need to think hard about how we appeal to their values and what we will contribute to their culture. With a deep perspective based on a century's worth of data, Collins breaks down the many ways in which culture influences behaviour. Using captivating stories from his own life as a top marketer - including spearheading digital strategy for Beyonce, working with iTunes and Nike+ on their collaboration, and designing ads for McDonalds - he shows readers how they can do the same. Full of memorable examples, from 1960s hippy culture to the enduring success of Patagonia, For the Culture offers the essential tools for creating lasting engagement and influence. 'Some people seem to intuitively 'get it.' Most do not. Collins articulates 'it' for the rest of us and provides not just an understanding, but a guide for how to actually engage and influence culture' - Steve Huffman, co-founder and CEO, Reddit

For the Culture by Marcus Collins

SKU: 9781035020010
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