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Discover life-changing methods for sustainable wellness, cultivate an authentic energy flow and attract uplifting vibrations. Hailed as a 'super-guru of London' by UK press, Alla Svirinskaya is a fifth-generation energy healer who has been able to 'read' human auric vibrations since her childhood. In Energy Rules, she introduces her unique concepts and methods to help you unlock the power of protection and own your energy. You'll learn that our energy is as unique as our fingerprints and a precious part of our identity. We need to maintain an authentic energy flow, or we start to attract toxic energy, lose individuality and become vulnerable to energy vampires (or become one ourselves). In this groundbreaking book, you'll learn how to: * reclaim your unique 'energy ID' as your navigator in life * boost your aura's immune system to neutralize toxic energy * use the aura 'probiotics' formula to help you thrive in modern life Alla offers practical new solutions for kickstarting wellness and becoming immune to the toxic energies that sabotage your personal power. Alla also introduces her pioneering multi-sensory meditation to help you preserve your authentic life force.

Energy Rules by Alla Svirinskaya

SKU: 9781788179508
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