Michael O'Mara Books Ltd In his short life, Robert Burns forged for himself a reputation as a poet and songwriter that has never been eclipsed. Today, more than 200 years after his death, his verse remains among the most popular in the world. Best known for his dialect lyrical verse on nature, love, patriotism and rural life, as well as for such well-loved songs as `Auld Lang Syne' and `Robert Bruce's March to Bannockburn' (`Scots Wha Hae'), he was equally as skilful with great lyrics on philosophical subjects. Offering everything from simple ballads to great set pieces like `Tam O'Shanter', this collection celebrates the work of the poor farmer-turned-exciseman who became, literally, the voice of an entire nation. Also available in the 'Pocket Poets' series: 9781782437116 Keats: 'Ode to a Nightingale' and Other Poems 9781782437123 Wordsworth: 'Daffodils' and Other Poems 9781782437109 Kipling: 'If-' and Other Poems

Burns by Robert Burns

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