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Skilled artisans at the heart of human civilization since the Iron Age, blacksmiths gained the respect of their communities through the utility of their creations, whether these were weapons, armour, farming tools, wagon axles or household items. Industrialization and mass production may have led to the disappearance of the blacksmith from everyday life, but the art of metalworking is alive and well. Today, blacksmithing is still practised throughout the world and is experiencing a revival. Blacksmithing provides a photographic introduction to blacksmith practices today, offering the novice and enthusiast an insight into this ancient trade. Learn how blacksmiths heat the metal using a variety of methods, including electric induction and traditional coal-fired forges; see the huge range of items that a metalworker can produce, including wrenches, shovels, door plates, bicycle stands and railings; see craftspeople practicing specialist metalworking techniques, such as upsetting, collaring, twisting, fullering and swaging; and understand how blacksmiths respect the environment by using old iron ore and scrap iron. Illustrated with 180 photographs that will inspire and delight, Blacksmithing is a dazzling pictorial celebration of a craft as old as civilization itself.

Blacksmithing by Daniel Johnson

SKU: 9781838863135
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