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An ode to grief and sibling love from a great new voice' Kit de Waal, author of My Name Is Leon 'A beautifully layered story... Poignant, astute and hopeful' Sharon Duggal, author of Should We Fall Behind 'Highly compelling... a fascinating exploration of political hope, friendship, difficulty, infatuation, and unrequited desire' Naomi Booth, author of Exit Management 'This captivating novel is a reminder that love, coupled with courage, just might conquer all.' Heidi James, author of The Sound Mirror 'Deeply, profoundly human... leaves the reader heartsore in exactly the right ways' Will Burns, author of The Paper Lantern 'An ambitious state-of-the-nation debut' Helen Cullen, author of The Truth Must Dazzle Gradually 'A beautifully observed portrayal of the spirit of Brighton' Allie Rogers, author of Little Gold 'Unforgettable and stirring... An important debut' Alice Ash, author of Paradise Block 'Really compelling... It's at once psychologically thrilling and fast-paced with a meditative heart' Anna Vaught, author of Saving Lucia 'It will resonate with a large, bruised section of the population still fighting for a better future' Glen James Brown, author of Ironopolis A fiercely hopeful novel about family, sexuality, grief and how we as individuals can rediscover our political agency in the face of continued uncertainty. Brighton, 2016. Laurie wears the scar given to her by a policeman's baton as a mark of pride among her circle of bright young activists. Her conscionable but sensitive brother George should be a part of that circle, until the appearance of enigmatic Spanish migrant Antonio threatens to divert him from his sister's world of marches and moral accountability. As the clouds gather over Brighton and the EU referendum accelerates both Laurie's political zeal and Antonio's ambiguous desires, George is faced with the fact that their city of parties and protests is suddenly a place where the possibility of saving the world - as well as the people around him - is in jeopardy of being lost forever. At once a letter of support to everyone disillusioned by British politics, and a deeply perceptive snapshot of modern relationships, A Bad Decade for Good People is a captivating state-of-the-nation tale that begs the question: when it feels like the world is falling apart, how do you keep those you love from doing the same?

Bad Decade for Good People by Joe Bedford

SKU: 9781914595554
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