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With over 25 activities, A Little Dose of Nature is a gentle guide to being outside that helps children aged 5-8 make the most of all the good that nature can do for our mental health. Being surrounded by greenery, wildlife, and fresh air is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective - and neglected - ways to de-stress and boost wellbeing. This book introduces kids to nature's five 'key ingredients', which can provide cognitive and emotional benefits. From observing the branching patterns of roots and leaves that mimic our own anatomies, to the power of sunlight, rainfall and birdsong, readers young and old will discover how to notice and appreciate what nature does for them, their minds and their bodies. Each of these key ingredients is explored through a range of simple, relaxing activities that children, parents and carers can do in their favourite green spaces, including: Making a paper cone to listen in on the goings on inside a tree Creating beautiful works of art using only natural materials Feeling the lovely squelch of mud between your toes Written by psychologist Dr. Alison Greenwood and with gorgeous illustrations from Anneli Bray, A Little Dose of Nature introduces an easily accessible tonic for difficulty and distress, and encourages us all to get our dose of nature for a happy, healthy life.

A Little Dose of Nature by Dr. Alison Greenwood

SKU: 9780711279612
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