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Pre-order the page-turning and evocative new novel from Julie Owen Moylan, author of That Green Eyed Girl 'An incredibly vivid rendering of post-war London and the complicated lives of three woman whose fates intersect at a boarding house . . . emotional, immersive and utterly absorbing' Jennifer Saint 'Set in my end of 1950s London, the sense of time and place is beautifully evocative, the ghost of the war, and the sense of societal change about to come. It's about pride and shame and love and loss and ultimately hope' Laura Shepherd-Robinson 'Once again, Julie Owen Moylan has created a world that feels completely real and vivid. A hugely enjoyable book' Jodie Chapman When Edie Budd arrives at a shabby West London boarding house in October 1958, carrying nothing except a broken suitcase and an envelope full of cash, it's clear she's hiding a terrible secret. And she's not the only one; the other women of 73 Dove Street have secrets of their own . . . Tommie, who lives on the second floor, waits on the eccentric Mrs Vee by day. After dark, she harbours an addiction to seedy Soho nightlife - and a man she can't quit. Phyllis, 73 Dove Street's formidable landlady, has set fire to her husband's belongings after discovering a heart-breaking betrayal - yet her fierce bravado hides a past she doesn't want to talk about. At first, the three women keep to themselves. But as Edie's past catches up with her, Tommie becomes caught in her web of lies - forcing her to make a decision that will change everything . . . 'I loved it even more than Julie's debut That Green Eyed Girl. Soho in the 50s is brilliantly done, as are the female characters. Brava Julie!' Georgina Moore PRAISE FOR THAT GREEN EYED GIRL: 'BOOK OF THE MONTH' WOMAN & HOME 'DAZZLING DEBUT' GOOD HOUSEKEEPING 'SUPERLATIVE' RED 'SO VIVIDLY EVOKED' CLARE CHAMBERS, AUTHOR OF SMALL PLEASURES 'I WAS GRIPPED FROM THE FIRST PAGE' SARA COX

73 Dove Street by Julie Owen Moylan

SKU: 9780241508039
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