Welcome to the Glendower 2020 Bookfair!

Hewson Books is delighted to present the Glendower Preparatory School Annual Book Fair. This year it is Online. Glendower Prep School hopes you will support this event. It is an inspiration to the children and it supports the school library. This is a great opportunity to choose from a wide range of titles for your daughter’s year group. Miss Martin has worked closely with us to provide a great selection of favourite books enhanced with a smattering of exciting new titles.  We donate a share of the profits, from what you buy online to the School which goes towards the purchase of new books for the Glendower Library. This is, of course, a great chance to buy books as Christmas presents, so you can add anything from our entire website and we will deliver it to school with the rest of your order. Do add what you like to your basket.  

Normally at the Book Fair, Hewson Books would bring a selection of books for donation to the Glendower Prep School Library. For the Book Fair Online you can still donate by clicking the Glendower Donations image, (the first image shown on the books page) or click the Donations Table button.

Please get your orders to us by Friday 6th November. 

Once you have made your selection, please enter the word GLENDOWER in the Promo Code box when checking out.  Not only will this ensure you don't get charged for postage, but it will help us identify your order.   

NB. To finish your purchase you have to select a delivery method. Please select post even though we won't be posting them to you.

Your orders will be delivered to your daughter in her classroom on Thursday 19th November 2020, (the day that the Book Fair would have taken place).  For your safety all books will have been stored for 72 hours prior to that, to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines.

We hope you enjoy choosing your books, and we'll really look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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