Duchess of Cornwall's Reading Room

"HRH The Duchess of Cornwall invites readers from around the world to join her on a new and exciting digital platform called The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room. This literary initiative explores opportunities within the enticing world of books, using Instagram. The Duchess wants it to be a magical bookish place for everyone: somewhere to find joy or solace, to discover new friends or familiar ones or, even, as a new reader, to stumble on a yet unknown world of books. But, above all, The Reading Room is a place of community for everyone to belong to.

The Duchess hopes that her digital Reading Room will encourage all ages and every level of reader, anywhere in the world, to step inside and discover a place where books and words belong to them, where time is immaterial and imagination is everything. The Duchess hopes that you, your friends and family will join her in her Reading Room for a few hours of enjoyment, when you have the time."

For those following along with The Duchess of Cornwall's Reading Room, Hewson Books is happy to supply the five titles that will be featured. You can browse them below:

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